About Jageto Embroidery & Print

Where to begin…..Well in 2007 not long after the birth of Tommy we come up with the idea of JAGETO Embroidery. The name ‘Jageto’ comes from our three kids: Jasmine, Gemma and Tommy and the roots our of family business.  Over the years my husband Christy has organised many Stag Do’s and Rugby tours and was finding he was being let down or getting goods at the 11th hour with no time to resolve any problems.  We wanted to start a home family business that would allow me to stay home and bring up the family as well, thus the start of Jageto.  We invested in our first new Brother PR600 MKII machine and started out with our core business values:

Good old fashioned customer service
Good lead times
One stop shop for any garment requirements
Cost effective solution to embroidery needs

The above has stood us in good stead and we soon invested in machine No.2, this gave us more capability and the option to go for bigger jobs and very quickly we needed to invest in machine No.3 and this again took us to another level of the service we were able to provide and again this blossomed and the need for machine No.4 came up to the stage we are at now with 6 state of the art Brother embroidery machines, all single head and 6 colour, of course these would be a struggle to fit in the house and in 2011 we had a purpose built workshop 10m x 4m constructed, affection ally known as the “Sweat Shop” to house all the equipment which gives us a great and wide ability for all embroidery and print needs.

Further to the embroidery side of the business we now offer DTG printing which is Direct to garment printing and ideal for T Shirts, Hoodies and other items that are cotton rich, this also includes Canvas Prints – you just just need to supply us with a good sized image/photo file (at least 2MB) and above so that when transferred to a Tiff file is good enough quality to print.  The results are amazing – have a look in the canvas gallery.

One of the companies that have been with us from the start is Papini.  Their quality clothing range has helped us establish our reputation for providing good quality service and embroidery on exceptional garments within the tight budgets that we all have to work within.